The Lord’s Messenger:
Pastor Styles is a loving husband, father, and grandfather.  He has been joyfully married for over 30 years to his best friend and sweetheart, a gracious and virtuous woman of God, First Lady Chanel Styles.  They have a son (Kevin), daughter-in-love (Susanna) and two grandchildren (Marco & Yuna). 
Pastor Styles holds a Masters Degree in Pastoral Ministry through Lancaster Bible College and Capital Seminary & Graduate School.  He also holds both a Masters degree and Bachelors degree in Theology & Biblical Studies through Minnesota Graduate School of Theology.  He’s also a graduate of the Sonship School of the Firstborn under the direct mentorship of his spiritual father, Bishop Nate Holcomb.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management through Excelsior College in Albany, New York.  
Pastor Styles has also served his nation with distinguished military service (U.S. Army) for over 21 years and retired in July 2009.  He has also served as a DOD federal employee at Fort Hood, Texas and currently serves at Fort Meade, Maryland. 
The Lord’s Ministry:

Pastor Styles received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord in September 1993 while serving in the United States Army, stationed at Fort Hood Texas.  He also began serving at the Cathedral of Central Texas also known as Christian House of Prayer (C.H.O.P.), one church in two cities under the leadership of his pastor and spiritual father, Bishop Nate Holcomb and his lovely wife Pastor Valerie Holcomb.  

He served at C.H.O.P for 18 years in several different ministries and leadership capacities such as a Counselor, Scribe Ministry Leader, Covenant Connections International (C.C.I.) Leadership Development Coordinator, a Deacon, Lay minister and an Elder. Pastor Styles is a licensed and Ordained Minister of the Gospel who accepted his call to the ministry in 1998 while in Taegu, Korea.  Since that time every place the Lord has led him to minister, people’s lives have been impacted and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit through an impartation of faith by the teaching and preaching of God’s Word.  

God has even led him overseas to serve as an Assistant Pastor and Senior Pastor while deployed in Baghdad, Iraq in 2005-2006.  Since 1998, until the birth of “Horizon Christian Church” Ministries, Pastor Styles has been making full proof of the ministry in which the Lord called him to by prayer, preaching and the perfecting of the saints.

The Lord’s Message/Mandate:

Pastor Styles is a passionate and anointed teacher & preacher of God’s Word who shares the gospel of Christ and the counsel of God with simplicity and understanding that enables the young and old to comprehend the revelation of God’s Word.  His mandate from the Lord is to teach and empower believers with God’s Word in order to spiritually grow into the full maturity of Christ (Sonship) and fulfill our God ordained purpose.

God has given him His heart, love and compassion for his Congregation as well as for his Community and the World.  He has been called to declare the Word of God with clarity, boldness and impart faith by teaching and preaching Jesus Christ, who is his message, mentor, model and motivator.   

Pastor Styles’ message from the Lord is Knowing and Showing Jesus” and that “It’s All About Him!” (Jesus Christ)  He proclaims that “We want to Know Him More, So We Can Show Him More!  It’s God the Father revealing His Son to us by His Spirit. 

Pastor Styles says, “Whatever he is, God made him, and whatever he has, God gave him!” 
To God be the Glory!!!